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Mackie 802 VLZ4



8-Channel MixerThe 8-channel 802VLZ4 mixer, thanks to Mackies renowned Onyx preamps and extreme compact design, is ideal for applications with few input sources. For a clean and distortion free signal the 802VLZ4 provides a maximum of headroom and signal-to-noise ratio in every input and output. Moreover the 802VLZ4 impresses with its solid design as well as with a high contrast coloring of the ergonomic surface, enabling simple and intuitive handling. With additional features like instrument inputs, phantom power, and LED level display it is first choice when looking for a efficient mixer for professional applications.
Renewed VLZ 4 Onyx mic preamps

3 Mono microphone/ line inputs (XLR/ jack)
2 Stereo line inputs
1 Mic/ stereo line input
1 Stereo Aux returns
1 Aux sends
2 Inserts
3-Band EQ
Low cut filter
48V phantom power
External power supply
Dimensions: 273 x 227 x 47 mm
Weight: 2.5 kg
Incl. power adaptor

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